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Your story as you intended it. Adapted to resonate with audiences globally. 

Our localization projects are delivered by teams exclusively composed of passionate, native, culturally aware translators, editors, subject-matter experts, and genre-specialists fluent in over 50 languages.

Focusing on the nuances of culture and linguistics that vary by language and region. We provide custom, personal solutions, that give you the best localization possible. Bringing the original cultural context and making it feel effortless for every target language.

Translation and Culturalization

Our renowned translation services make games globally accessible. We enable all players, regardless of location, to experience the magic of your title - as you intended it. To maximize the player experience, we deliver our translations with innovative culturalization strategies. Ensuring our work is aligned and compliant with the cultural context of any given region.

Proofing & Editing

Translation quality is governed by native, expert, and vastly experienced editors. All with a minimum of five years in games localization experience. Utilizing the latest translation tools, within our cloud platform, to edit in real time. Ensuring precision, security, and accuracy throughout the project. Enhancing player response and feedback.

Quality Control

We provide an extra level of care by applying our automated quality control protocols. This helps mitigate human errors occurring, quickly and efficiently. Our team will also dynamically select up to 10% of every localization to check quality and ensure no issues remain.

Subject-Matter Experts

Our teams and individuals are comprised of genre-specialists who provide our partners with relevant contextual feedback specific to that genre. In some cases we also utilize subject-matter experts. These experts range from former developers to top-tier players. They provide even greater qualitative feedback based on extensive experience with similar IPs. Together they provide better localization, and a better player experience.