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Marketing & UA

Our User Acquisition and Marketing services are here to assist with your next release.

Social Media Management

Social Media is one of the most direct ways to reach the 3 billion gamers worldwide. With most gamers using some form of social media, it’s time to invest in your social media strategies.

Our teams manage your social media with engaging posts, player interaction, and a holistic approach to outstanding social media content.

Our teams engage with your players on feeds, posts, and stories. We build your community into a thoroughly engaged player-base. We do this by utilizing extensive marketing experience, which our team members have gained through time at major companies like Ubisoft and PUBG Corp.

On top of managing your community, our teams will generate engaging content for your social pages. We’ll adapt existing content and generate new content from scratch, before building them into optimized posts suitable for all platforms, from TikTok to Facebook.

Paid Advertising

Your game deserves to be played. Players deserve the chance to find it. In our industry, discoverability is critical.

We manage your entire paid advertising pipeline, letting you focus on development.

First, our teams produce impactful media from your game. Our designers create engaging and exciting advertising content, using their skills and experience from working with major studios like Miniclip.

That content is then built into extensively planned advertising campaigns. Campaigns are built to appeal and market directly to your game’s target demographic. Our teams manage these ads daily, optimizing them to achieve your goals. We can even help you decide on what those goals are, whether it’s driving downloads, reducing CPIs, or something completely different.

Influencer Marketing

Utilizing influencers in your strategy is a direct way to reach your audience.

Our influencer marketing services provide you with access to influencers of all sizes. Our teams have extensive experience working with Micro-influencers, Mega-influencers, and everything in between.

Our teams will work with you to build a strategy that fits your budget, goals, and audience. We’ll help you select platforms and influencers that match your game, directly reaching your target demographic. We then manage, onboard, and organize your influencers. You’ll be able to go ahead with a thoroughly planned content calendar, with daily campaign and KPI monitoring from our influencer teams.