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IndieViews : The Indie Game Showcase

Indieviews : An Interview Podcast for Upcoming Indie Titles

IndieViews is an interview podcast focused on bringing more attention to upcoming Indie Titles from developers across the world. In the show we give our listeners a rundown on the developer, their history, their inspiration, and everything about their upcoming or ongoing (e.g Early Access) release.

You'll be able to tune into the show with new episodes published regularly on Anchor and Spotify!

On Episode 9 we chatted to Cole Jefferies of Colepowered Games about his immersive sim Shadows of Doubt

IndieViews Episode 9: Shadows of Doubt - Cole Jefferies, Colepowered Games

On Episode 8 we spoke to Antonio Iglesias of Kraken Empire about their strategy game Toy Tactics

IndieViews Episode 8: Toy Tactics

On Episode 7 we got the chance to chat about Wholesome - Out and About with Elena Höge of Yaldi Games

IndieViews Episode 7: Wholesome - Out and About

On Episode 6 we got the chance to chat about V Rising with Stunlock Studios' Community Manager Jeremy Fielding

Indieviews Episode 6: V Rising - Jeremy Fielding, Community Manager - Stunlock Studios

On Episode 5 we spoke to Yoshiha from EQ Studios about their upcoming game "Scene Investigators"

Indieviews Episode 5 - Yoshiha T, EQ Studios, Scene Investigators

On Episode 4 we chatted to Joel Jordon about their fascinating episodic title "Time Bandit"

Indieviews Episode 4: Joel Jordon, Time Bandit

On Episode 3 we caught up with Graham Reid AKA GrahamOfLegend about his upcoming space shooter "Super Space Club"!

Indieviews Episode 3: Graham Reid, Super Space Club

On Episode 2 we spoke to Yite and Elias from Ground Game Atelier about their upcoming title "The Time I Have Left"

Indieviews Episode 2: Yite & Elias, Ground Game Atelier, The Time I Have Left

On Episode 1 we spoke to Joseph Humfrey from Inkle about their upcoming title A Highland Song.

Indieviews Episode 1: Joseph Humfrey, Inkle Studios, A Highland Song
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