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IndieViews - Season 2

We're back with our 2024 Season of IndieViews!

On IndieViews we talk to Indie Developers about their upcoming titles. We dive into the inspiration behind the game, the gameplay, the story, and everything else.

On Season 2 Episode 2, we've had the the chance to speak to David Kuri of Sun and Serpent Creations about their game: Bladesong

In the interview David takes us through everything that you’ll be able to do in the game, from forging swords to forging friendships in the community. You’ll hear about why David made Bladesong, how he got his start in the games industry, and details on the playtest that’s launching today!

You can check out Bladesong now on Steam:  https://store.steampowered.com...

On Season 2 Episode 1, we've had the pleasure of speaking to Lucy Blundell AKA GamesByKinmoku about their game VIDEOVERSE. 

VIDEOVERSE puts you in the role of Emmett, a teenager spending their time on the VIDEOVERSE forums in around 2003. As you can tell by that brief intro, the game evokes the mid 00s and brings you back to an earlier version of the internet that many now may have forgotten or not experienced. In VIDEOVERSE you spend your time chatting to friends, interacting with other users, creating art, and reporting trolls. It captures every aspect of those young internet forums and brings you in as the player with important decisions and dialogue options that truly immerse you in the world of VIDEOVERSE.

You can find VIDEOVERSE on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Store:




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